Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Just got back from a trip to Vancouver, refreshed by beautiful people and landscapes. Now time for a little creativity. Lots of western clutches to make. This Rust leather is some of my favorite leather I have ever found. Might be able to get another large purse out of it, but for now clutches.

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Brasil said...

I had been looking for a black hobo bag that was simply chic and classic - something not fussy or trendy, and this fit the bill. It's deceptively small looking but incredibly roomy. I can fit a wallet, checkbook, a 32 oz water bottle and a compact umbrella inside all without feeling weighed down. People have complimented me on my bag thinking it's a designer version, and when I tell them how much I paid and where I got it they are completely surprised. It is my go to bag and I love it!