Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pink or Red?

I say it's pink you say it's red...
I'm pretty sure I know what red is. I'm pretty sure that this is a shade of pink. It may be close to red, but it's more of a bright pink than a bright red, maybe muted red...?

Well I hope this customer is happy with this custom order. Thought I wouldn't mind doing a Rush order, but I am a bit worried about the red/pink thing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer 2010

I think I will call this over sized bag The Holly Hobby. After a comment I received about how enormous the prototype was, I decided to downsize it by a few inches. This may be my most complex bag to date. I even decided to make new labels for this series.


This is a new design that turned out by surprise. A practical little pouch. This leather and textile combo actually took me by surprise. The leather was a score, buttery soft deer tan, and I think I have been holding on to the bark cloth for a while now. I'm so excited about using both of these materials, and ecstatic about the outcome.

The Classic

I wasn't too sure about this bag in the beginning. Really all I did was enlarge my mini purse design, and change the strapping. The color combo is a little strange, but I think it turned out to be quite a classy style. I have decided to make this in black, with brown strapping, it's gonna be so hot, I can't wait to get the leather.