Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bike Bag-o-rama

Phew! what an accomplishment. Sewing machine break down, Postal Strike, and I finished them all before my deadline to take them to Vancouver with me. hm... I could still make a couple more bags before I leave.


devin said...

Hey, Do you have a Twitter account? I wanted to tell my followers how much I like your vintage bike bags. Let me know and I will like to it in my post. All your stuff is great by the way.

snootsie said...

Hi Devin, no twitter account. Maybe you can link my Etsy??

Thanks anyway,


Faith See said...

I would LOVE to purchase one of these! Are you planning on putting more on your etsy store when its back up? Thank you! They are amazing!

Stuart Lloyd said...

I concur with Faith See - I love your cycle bag.
I live in London (England not Ontario). Can I buy one?

Chris said...

Dear Snootsie,
Is the Bag-o-Rama still in production and if so how do I order one please.
Best regards